Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Amir Khan Motaqi said that the United States must unfreeze billions of dollars of Afghanistan as the country desperately needs cash.

Speaking at the OIC’s extraordinary session on Afghanistan, Amir Khan Motaqi said that weakening the government of Afghanistan will not benefit anyone.

He said that drought, COVID-19, and the stoppage of foreign aids have contributed to the already fragile economic situation of Afghanistan and called on the member states of OIC to provide Afghan people with humanitarian aids.

“Afghan people have hardly been affected by COVID-19 and drought.  Over $9.5 billion of Afghanistan’s funds have been frozen and the foreign aids of the World Bank, Asian Banks, and IMF have been stalled. All foreign-funded projects have also been stopped that affected educational and health sector that ultimately impacts the lives of millions of people.” Said Motaqi.

Amir Khan Motaqi called on the US to unfreeze the assets of Afghanistan as the move only affects common people which he says is a violation of “human rights”.

He added that Afghanistan is now a peaceful country after August 15 and that 5 million civil servants of the previous government are still working with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Foreign Minister called on the member states of OIC to reopen their respective embassies in Kabul.