January 23, 2018
  1. Dears I wanted to know update news from this site. with regards Khushal Ahmad zai
  2. Dear sir please let me to know every day new update. Khushal Ahmad zai
  3. There was safe haven to every terrorist in the past when there were no Afghan refuge in your dirty land and it could be safe haven for every Stan .., how you deny the present factaries producing terrorists in there that your army train and pitch to the border in their own vehicles and how you deny its presence as you hold meeting with them everyday planing new terror attack in your nieghbors and how you deny that you have been using as weapons against your neighbors since you aparted from your Hindu father and how you claim to be Muslim since your Kafir Azam beleived in no religion that regarded as the founder of your fake Islamic state and how you deny your fake Fitwa given by your fake scholars gathering your fake state that harm suicide attack only in the dirty land exluding all other states in the world what the fuck you are to be muslim as fake as the fuck Himat Ehsaan
  4. And you always send your elders, children, sisters and daughters to this Pakistan whenever you are under fire. You are Namak Haram nation and never be trusted, you are abusing those people who open their hearts, homes, business and provide everything for you and your families for 40 years but on return you are abusing them, what kind of shit people you are???? A. N. Ansari
  5. بعضیا دیموکراسی را با بی دینی اشتباه گرفته اند jumakhan salehi
  6. "religious scholar" - now the most common oxymoron in use! jimjfox

Science & Tech

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