May 25, 2015
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  1. Let the war began and India be the Succeded religious country were all kind of people can leave -hindu muslim sikh christian etc Becz being a muslim hindu christian sikhs is not the mistake but people make it as amistake becz every muskim is not bad or terrorist Akhand Singh
  2. Good ! Keep continue !  Singh
  3. What a thoroughly obvious way for the US-created "Terrorist" group ISIS to legitimize a US attack on Pakistan! Bravo, Neocons!  farang
  4. Just scrap the damn document. Ashraf Ghani is Pakistan's hireling. He must resign and get out of Afghanistan! Akbar Khan Mohamadzai
  5. Since Afghan govt has signed MoU between Pak & Afghan Spy agencies, attacks are increasing rapidly :( Singh
  6. This attack was 100% expected....yesterday 3 Pakistani soldiers died in IED blast,so they will take revenge by attacking Afghan has become trend now that whenever a pakistani soldier is killed there will be several attacks on AFghan army,this is their policy of giving crushing response to any attack...why cant AFghan government also follow same policy Bajoy Kamshi

Science & Tech

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