December 19, 2018
  1. This whole illegitimate so-called government time must come to an END!!!! they are all responsible for massive human rights abuse, all should be tried for crimes against humanity!!! including Mr. Ashraf Ghani, and his sidekick commander Masood's spokesperson!!! Najibullah Ashraf Mojaddidi
  2. When will we learn not to trust India and RAW. Najibullah A Mojaddidi
  3. dasht padola located in 13th district Hameed Mirzad
  4. Stop using women as a pawn in your corrupt corpocracy. Afghans should be ashamed of this government and its leaders!!! Najibullah A Mojaddidi
  5. hehehe you need to study the topic, media is the Enemy of our all generations. i hate media in islamic countries. Ibrahim Muahid
  6. I have a cricket team page, and i wanna boost it Jawid Hotak

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