August 28, 2015
  1. Now they will be forced to negotiate, keep up the good work Afghan forces. Shuaib Hussain
  2. These are the people who sold their faith and respect to India for their personal interests and making money. They are the same who invite Soviet to attack on Afghanistan in 70's with support of India. These are traitors and never understand patriotism like Mujaheddin who fight and sacrifices for their homeland first with Soviet and then with NATO. Salute to Mujaheddin. The mission given to them by RAW to speck hate creating words towards Pakistan, as high as you shouted against Pakistan, you will be given more money. A.N Ansari
  3. Saleh said pakistan is week country. Dear Saleh your speak is indian speak and for this speak India give you money. when you donot change your speak about pakistan then you will be not muslim you will be hindu. and hindu didnot friend of muslim Saleh India play game on head of Afghanistan and give you money to de steblize pakistan. But pakistan is not Afghanistan Pakistan is Atom power. Saleh you learn lesson about your past. thanks khan
  4. He is the real man, he knows how to treat ISI. Khawaja Rahmanuddin
  5. It is the time to get help from Russia,it si definitly help Afghan army mohammed yunus
  6. Pakistani people consider Afghanistan as brother, you can't find even a single person in all over Pakistan who want bloodshed in Afghanistan. They were extremely disappointed when Afghan Gov't speaks the same dirty Indian policy towards Pakistan which is the main reason of conflict between these two brothers. If Afghanistan review its policy and not allow India to make its policy, the peace will come between Pakistan and Afghanistan very quickly. Pakistani people is now thinking that why we jumped into war with soviet for Afghanistan in 70's, being a Muslim is not everything, we should left Afghanistan to fight their war in its own. Maybe in future if something happen, Afghan people will not find Pakistan in his back because Pakistan understand with regret that Afghans are thankless peoples. A.N Ansari

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