February 24, 2018
  1. I think , this the first time Taliban entering to the peace process , needs more pressure to bring them to the peace table , good work Dr Mohammad Mutahar
  2. Well said Mr. Ahmed, 100% true !!!! A.N Ansari
  3. Please do Hhang Mr. Mujahed himself too while you are at it. Ebrahim Wahab
  4. Please punish the Talibans as they have never seen or heard! They are not humans and do not belong to this earth pakhtoon khali
  5. NDS has no idea what's happening a mile outside Kabul, but claim they have credible info on neighbouring country. All afghans have been to Pakistan if any of them turn terrorist one day it's Pakistan's foul by NDS logic. Incompetent as Intel but good for local newspapers thats all nds is. Ahmad
  6. Prayers for my Afghan brethren martyrd in recent bloodshed but this terror will continue till we dont realise that problem is within Afghanistan, not in Pak. Y wud they need "Safe Havens" in Pak when they control and openly operate in 70% of Afghanistan. Abdul GHAFOOR

Science & Tech

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