September 19, 2018
  1. The headline has got spelling mistake ( President Ghani appoint) is incorrect instead (President Ghani appoints) is correct Mahboob Elahi
  2. Hi dear Dr Hope all is well, we have a patient who has wight dots on her skin and we want to take her to u but we no address or any phone number if u plz send us your cell number or complete add we would appreciate it thanks and regards. Hatami Merajuddin hatami
  3. Mr Ghani get rid of USA forces" your the one who's waging intelligence war against People of Afghanistan by supporting USA occupation of Afghanistan" don't blame others" Allah Taala will bring you to account. Sultan Mahmood
  4. Afghan government must tell USA forces to leave. Puppet Afghan government leadership know and understand that supporting evil foreign occupation of Afghanistan is a greatest sin" all of them will burn in hell after judgment. Sultan Mahmood
  5. Breaking news Gull
  6. we want to contact the pine nut supply factory in Afghan which sale to China vincent

Science & Tech

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The U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has died at the age of 81 more than a year Read More...


The Afghan officials are saying that goods worth around 56 million US Dollars have been exported to various countries via Read More...



A traditional Dambora musical festival was organized for the second time in central Bamyan province of Afghanistan and was attended Read More...


The names of at least ten candidates have been removed from the upcoming parliamentary elections in the absence of complaints Read More...

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