April 25, 2018
  1. It only becomes "barbarism" when Pakistani "advisers" are killed. But, when those "advisers" kill Afghans, it is a "holy war". DEATH to Pakistan! Ebrahim
  2. It was not until Paki filth were killed that now the the Pakis are in uproar. DEATH to Pakistan! Ebrahim
  3. Dirty black Pakistani terrorists. Pakistan MURDABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! Hakim Afghani
  4. great work for strike fucken Taliban Mahboob
  5. no doubt about the Paki support ,for the last 15 years innocent Afghans suffering , no pakistani sympathy, now they raised their vioces Dr Mohammad Mutahar
  6. No one believes ANA. They are just taking advantage of uproar. And uproar is because an operation was carried out in a foreign country. Khan

Science & Tech

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