March 31, 2015
  1. The power lines between Kajaki/Lashkar Gah/Kandahar were re-connected by the Taliban in the late 1990s after they had been removed by the mujahadin during the Soviet occupation, and have been functioning ever since. "The lines could have been cut by government bullets.” Seems very likely. RScott
  2. Its due to corrupt  administration , nothing more , look at our u23 team losing to iran 6.0 , i am sure very good players were kept from playing so they can send their sons and cousins to play .....just like send  people with the cricket team to ICC  world cup while those people had nothing to do with cricket ,  They better stop this before shit hits the fan ..................... arian yari
  3. God Bless you Mohammad. You can said the Absolute Truth. Biggest Traitor among you is Ashraf Ghani. He is a stooge of the Paki pigs and will do everything to please his masters. James
  4. Friends I can empathise with your cause,  but what do you do when your current president Ashraf Ghani has sold himself to the Paki Pigs what do you expect. He has totally aligned himself with his masters at Islamabad. Only God can save Afghanistan. James
  5. Why Afghanistan is not among these countries which is celebrating earth hours 12 months a year by switching off the lights. of course government is providing enough power energy but people is very keen to celebrate the darkness all the nights for better tomorrow. freshta
  6. Use your urdu experts to watch pakistani media and their programmes to understand their strategy..they say they will use Afghan Taliban to target pakistani taliban...also pakistan is going to conduct operations inside Afghanistan to protect their interests...wake up Bajoy Kamshi

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