April 24, 2014

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  1. hahahah very shameful how can son of pop jon pual says this, he himself is a yahoody Khalid Omari
  2. Hi. I am Anee-ur-Rehman.finalyear student of journalism and mass communication at university of peshawar,pakistan.and i basically i belong from Jalalabad,Afghanistan. sir, I want to join your organization. anees-ur-rehman
  3. Well the ones that were built as schools can now be used as schools. If they don't turn into the ''police station'. Baldur Dasche
  4. Is the name of Foreign ministry spokesman Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni OR Ahmad Shekiba? LUTFULLAH GHAFARI
  5. Oh... DARN... poor IED bombers got hurt/killed. A great fate for all of them. Gabby
  6. AWEN organization has implemented many projects in capacity building, income-generation and agriculture projects, we would like to request you kindly add our email in your list and forward those projects are designed for Afghanistan, we would appreciated you in advance. Malina Fahiz Director for AWEN


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