August 15, 2018
  1. Why is the Pak govt responsible and not the Afghan govt? Both are supposed to be guarding the border. Paul Wolf
  2. You'll have to up your security,this should not be happening. Ellen min davies
  3. The foreign friends like to have good relationship through diversity of ways like: FulBright and so on, but here in Afghanistan most of the intelligent students not allowed to talk or see face to face with foreign the reason is, interior---Afghans keepers do not allot them! Jihadullah "Basharyar"
  4. And how many civilians were killed along with these guys?? Normally some but never mentioned. Dick Scott
  5. Let me, to be updated regarding your whole reports specifically respective Afghanistan. saleem
  6. My boyfriend is in Kabul Afghanistan How my I find out if he was one of the soldiers injured NORMA JIMENEZ

Science & Tech

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