October 16, 2018
  1. At the core of this so-called government of Afghanistan is the communist!!!! They have undermined every government up to now. A clean-up of the communist within the government is number one priority and then reconditions will work.The communists are like the HIV virus and whoever touches it is becomes corrupted by the virus!!! Najib Ashraf Mojaddidi
  2. contracts signed under Duress is null and void!!"Duress occurs when a person is influenced to sign a contract under pressure. Duress can be applied when a contract is made or when a contract was modified. Typical examples of duress include threats to personal liberty, threats of actual violence, and excessive economic pressure.Mar 6, 2018"https://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/duress-lawyers.html Najib Ashraf Mojaddidi
  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters,Prince's idea is East India Company Version 2018. The same British East India Company that destroyed our empire some 400 years ago. Stay with Dr. Ghani on this!!!! Najib Ashraf Mojaddidi
  4. Afghan People,Prince's idea is East India Company version 2018. the same British company that with India's help destroyed our empire!!!! Do not be fooled by him. He is a drug dealer and he will not bring peace to Afghanistan. He just wants part of the 1 trillion dollars drug money from Afghanistan. Believe Dr. Ghani on this!!!! Najib Ashraf Mojaddidi
  5. Dr. Ghani,NATO war in Afghanistan is Illegal."The UN Charter is a treaty ratified by the United States and thus part of US law. Under the charter, a country can use armed force against another country only in self-defense or when the Security Council approves. Neither of those conditions was met before the United States invaded Afghanistan. The Taliban did not attack us on 9/11. Nineteen men – 15 from Saudi Arabia – did, and there was no imminent threat that Afghanistan would attack the US or another UN member country. The council did not authorize the United States or any other country to use military force against Afghanistan. The US war in Afghanistan is illegal."— Marjorie Cohn, professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, president of the National Lawyers Guild[3]"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_to_the_war_in_Afghanistan_(2001%E2%80%932014)What this indicates is that the current government is Illegal!!! Najibullah Ashraf Mojaddidi
  6. Hazrat Sahib, Please fire everyone in your administration department, even if it includes your sons. Najibullah Ashraf Mojaddidi

Science & Tech

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