November 25, 2015
  1. Many realities have been unfolded in this article which is an eye opening for our so-called politicians but it will take time for Pakistan to be in pace with BRICS from economic point of view.  Corruption is far bigger issue for Afghans than insurgency, an imposed phenomenon by those who take ahead their agenda and interests in the region including the neighbors. But in current capacity I do not see any ray of hope to take this country out of crisis because it is these people who pushed this country into the a black-hole and landed it on the verge of destruction.   The only way forward for Afghans is to realize the ground realities and come up with political will to put an end to the current situation, the only force I see is the Afghan Youth to sensitize the issue of getting rid of these few hundred nightmares who kept hostage the entire nation through peaceful movements in close coordination with international community.   Afghan
  2. Mr. Saidi, wish you speedy recovery. you are the most honest and unbiased political analyst in Afghanistan Sayed Jelani
  3. برای آقای سعیدی شفای عاجل و صحت کامل آرزومندم Abdul Qader Fakhri
  4. thise is true  vikki
  5. Salam.. I just hear from your press that now we can apply for Passport directly through filling form and the Passport will be behind our gates. But I dont see any link to the form in which we can apply. If it is possible please send me a link so i can apply for it now. Thanks Obaidullah
  6. Instead of agreeing to resume peace talk, the best option would be to restore confidence which is lost. Confidence building is key to take up the process. Peace Hekmat Sial

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