August 01, 2015
  1. Afghanistan by allowing Pakistan to facilitate peace talks has played in their hands...the Pakistanis will support only the factions friendly to them and call it Taliban...even in jihad of 1980's against Soviets the Pakistanis never had full control of mujahideen and only supported few factions like that of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar...the notion that Pakistan controls Taliban is huge lie as we are made to believe...people like president Ghani are giving too much credit to Pakistan,in fact more than Taliban its the military of Pakistan which is running the spring offensive and also all strategies are made by them...what we call Taliban are just a handful of people Bajoy Kamshi
  2. As a Pakistani I disagree with this assessment. First of all the Afghans and Indians had relations and wanted to break up West Pakistan in half, this was always a cause of contention between Pakistan and Afghanistan since Pakistan came into being. Then when the USSR was going to attack Pakistan, Communist Afghanistan and India supported the USSR. The US was against the USSR and they funded the Mujahideen via the ISI. Then after the Soviet defeat, the USSR and US left Afghanistan completely wrecked and destroyed. Then India, Iran, Turkey, Russia all backed the Northern Alliance and Pakistan, Saudia, UAE all backed the Taliban because it wanted a Pro-Pakistan regime in Afghanistan. Pakistan never knew it turn out the way it did. No one did, otherwise the US wouldn't have backed the mujahideen. Furthermore the Northern Alliance was just as bad as the Taliban. That's what happened. However, things have changed significantly since the past 20 years. Also btw if you blame Pakistan for instability in Afghanistan you should first of all blame the USSR for attacking Afghanistan and India for supporting the attack to begin with and Afghanistan for being anti-pakistan for the past 30-50 years before the Soviet attack on Pakistan. Had they never done that, Pakistan would never have supported the Afghan Taliban. Big difference. Also there's no proof Pakistan is supporting the Afghan Taliban now. In fact it's quite the contrary. Shuaib
  3. Today's Taliban are just stooges with no real talents like past...if they stop getting Pakistan military(army & ISI ) protection they are finished within seconds....this speaks of the reality of Taliban today...the launchpad of Taliban insurgency is again like in 1980's the FATA and Balochistan area which are used by Pakistan military to send in the fighters...also the operations and intelligence of Taliban are 100% run by the Pakistan military and it is they who decide on the the selection of targets... also the fighting operations are led by regular army troops disguised as Taliban.... Bajoy Kamshi
  4. I would like to know if Ghani is doing what Zaher Shah did? Going in the name of treatment torun  out of the country. Where is his family? Is Dostum acting president or someone is doing the day by day the work. Mohammad Y. Saaed
  5. My name is Assadullah and I used to be an interpreter for British forces under so serious risk in the most dengerious PBs and CPs in Helmand province, and now what my life is in danger and in so bad condition here in Kabul. And British governments don't give damn about us. I'm not able to go anywhere for my safety, if anyone asses me please. Sincerely yours Assadullah Sahar
  6. ټول ملکونه د پاکستان څخه په تنګ دي. منیرالله

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