February 27, 2015
  1. Congratulations to the Afghan team for a heroic victory. I was rooting for Afghanistan from the beginning but I lost hope in the end. To my surprise, the tailenders played amazingly well. Keep up. Prabhakar Vaidya
  2. The Afghan government should come up with tough laws against sexual harassment, child abuse, police should not close their eyes and take serious actions against people committing these types of crimes unknown
  3. The harassment is not happening on daily basis and the intensity of the case is not so high as shown in the report. However harassment exist in many forms in Afghan society but people respect women overall.   Jan
  4. The attention that she has gained from this protest is very useful for social discussion. Women deserve the right to not be harassed.  She is a brave young lady and should be congratulated on her willingness to bring attention to this matter. Sandra
  5. ISIL is too extremist and will be isolated by muslim ouma Abdullah
  6. The important ssue is the attitde of Pakistan and its military hierarchy towards ISIL. I am not sure that they can control them the way they are controlling the Taliban. ISIL has the potential of becoming more dangerous to pakistan intersts. Although ISIL in the rise in our region, at the long run will not have the wind behind them. In 6 months or one year, ISIL will lose a lot of ground in Irak and Syria. Their finance will be depleted once they lose the control of oil wells. Abdullah

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