January 16, 2018
  1. Good Decision. if government don't send provincial projects' funds, then, He must use Hairatan incomes for construction of Balkh province. Haron
  2. He is a great man who bravely accept the reality. Everyone knows that NDS will not accept this truth because if they accept it they will loose all funding by the RAW received for dirty propaganda against Pakistan. A.N Ansari
  3. So, is he going to be the jailer or the jailed? Ebrahim Wahab
  4. This man is a traitor. Traitor spotted
  5. yeah the ill wishers were Pro Soviet when USSR was bombing Afghan villagers, the Afghans had no open border except Iran and Pakistan, in Iran they were kept in camps, not allowed outside, those who did, were fearful of arrests and intimidation, in Pakistan Afghans were welcomed, made comfortable, people shared their homes, their food, whatever they had, before International aid arrived, Pakistan from its own meager resources raised funds to help with hospitals, schools, food, camps, medicine, doctors, for millions upon millions of people, yet some people think their enemies are their friends and their friends are their enemies, the Holy Quran clearly states that a believer who seeks the help of an unbeliever against a believer, has lost his Iman, his faith and ruined his akhira. Read the Holy Quran, one nation under God are all Muslims, not Hindu and Muslim or Kafir shirk committing Christians. For those who dont take heed like Firon, then you know what happened to them, they got cursed till eternity. Syed ahmed
  6. May god bless Brave people of Afghanistan and its defense force which is consistently under attack by Pakistan army and its trained Taliban and al qaeda forces , Pakistan playing double game doing everything to bring Taliban Govt in Kabul , ironically Pakistan say " we are Muslim brothers" and at the other end they organised killing every innocent Afghan kids and women . sandeep

Science & Tech

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