April 19, 2014

This section plays one of the recent videos by Khaama Press from our Youyube account.

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  1. so the russian say they know where the plane is..so why haven't they gone in and got it or are they all shyte FBI
  2. Well if these Paki maggots hate him, he must be good for Afghanistan. MKU
  3. Greatest singer of the World. his voice is immortal and  magical  daniyal Ahmed rathoi
  4. now it looks that a big chance is to ensure the world that he is an angel for Afghanistan and try to satisfy Pakistan to win presidential election by fraud. but, unaware of people do and get their decisions to voted for their honorable candidate for first round and vote for the second round if seems a need by Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan. Haron
  5. Well done guys for training them and helping Afghans - We do appreicate it thanks heaps! Proud of these brave Afgham men who are doing their best to help their people and motherland. Best of luck! Fareed
  6. Hahah well said bro Shamali


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