Afghanistan Newswire Service, Khaama Press, was established in October 2010

The Khaama Press News Agency is one of the leading and largest news and information source in Afghanistan. Khaama Press was established in October 2010 by Khushnood Nabizada and a highly team of young, professional and committed journalists with a vision to spread awareness amongst the online readers about the political, social, cultural and economic developments in Afghanistan and across the globe, the website has currently over 3.5 million visitors in a month.

KP promises to provide a hundred percent authenticated and latest news from across the world based on the facts, evidence, and truths to its readers.

Khushnood Nabizada is the owner and CEO of Khaama Press, established the firm in 2010.

‘Khaama’ is an ancient ‘Persian’ word which means ‘ The Pen’.

Afghanistan country entered in to a new era with the assistance of international community in 2001 after the fall of ‘Taliban’, an extremist religious group that led the country for 5 years. Since then, ‘Afghanistan’ received a large amount of development funds from the International society, but most of these grants were not spent ‘transparent’ as a result of poor monitoring and control.

Media and press agencies are always a great help and a powerful tool to keep eyes on the executive and implementing agencies, promoting ‘transparency’.

I loved to be the ‘throat’ of my people and ‘share’ their pains, failures, success and developments by writing. Therefore, I established Khaama Press back in October 2010 to help the journalism sector of Afghanistan. Afghanistan, a country that has been in the midst of civil war and violence for more than 40 years, in the absence of media and ‘freedom of speech’, has much to say and independent news agencies such as ‘Khaama Press’ can assist to report on security, society, business and political issues to provide awareness and assist the partner global organizations in decision making, providing them with the accurate and on-time information.

Khaama Press publishes in 3 languages, English Persian and Pashto.

We are an active media firm in social media with over 1.46 million Facebook followers and over 260K Twitter followers.

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