About Us

Caption: The Khaama Press news agency’s office in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo by: Mohib Ali

The Khaama Press News Agency is an independent and non-political news organization established in 2010 by a team of highly committed and professional journalists led by Khushnood Nabizada to empower free press and journalism in Afghanistan.

The new agency’s name comes from an ancient Persian/Farsi word ‘Khaama‘ which means ‘Pen‘.

The news agency primarily focuses on reporting from Afghanistan on political, economic, health, business, human rights, women, sports, crimes, war, peace and entertainment subjects. It also covers any Afghanistan related regional and global news stories.

Khaama Press is highly committed to journalism ethics and believes in reporting on a non-biased methodology of publications and news analysis.

According to Afghanistan Ministry of Information and Cultures’ analytical data in 2021, Khaama Press was ranked as Afghanistan’s top ranking and number one news website. The analytical data was retrieved through Alexa, a global marketing and online analytics tool.

Khaama Press reports in 3 languages including English, Pashto and Persian (Farsi). It has an active presence in social media with nearly 2 million Facebook fans and close to half a million Twitter followers.

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Contact Us:

To submit articles/reports for publication, please send an email to info[@]khaama.com or news[@]khaama.com.