Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the ongoing situation is the worst man-made humanitarian crisis on earth and called on the international community to act now.

Speaking at the OIC’s extraordinary session on Afghanistan in Islamabad, the Premier expressed his concerns over Afghanistan’s situation and asked the world not to be indifferent to the country’s case.

He added that no country has been that impacted as much as Afghanistan did in the past years and added that if another country had a situation like Afghanistan it would have fallen.

 Imran Khan said, “More than half of the population of Afghanistan was starving before the Taliban’s takeover.” He also said that “Afghanistan’s economy was dependent on foreign aids and 75% of the country’s budget was coming from other countries.”

The Pakistani Prime Minister called on the US to delink the 40 million population of Afghanistan from the Taliban and that no country has been that impacted as Pakistan by the situation in Afghanistan.

Khan also asked member states of OIC to provide humanitarian aids to Afghan people.