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ISIS used child as young as 10 to execute prisoners in Iraq

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ISIS use child 10 to execute prisonersThe Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group used a child as young as 10-year-old to execute the Iraqi army cadets.

The execution by the young boy has emerged in the latest footage released by ISIS group last week which purportedly shows the execution of around 1,700 army cadets.

The boy is shown shooting at least two prisoners ignoring their desperate pleas for mercy and leaving the men’s limp bodies to be thrown into the river, which immediately runs red with blood.

The 22-minute-video was reportedly released on Saturday and contains footage from the previously released video along with new scenes.

The mass execution took place last year at the Tikrit Air Academy (formerly called COB Speicher).

The video shows hundreds of army cadets falling out of dump trucks and are forced to lay down next to each other in shallow mass graves before being shot dead one by one.

The government forces and allied fighters retook Tikrit from the ISIS militants in April and exhumed around 600 bodies from the mass graves.

According to the highest estimates, around 1,700 army cadets were captured by the ISIS militants after they captured the military base last year.

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