The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani hailed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for supporting Afghanistan to build endurable security forces who are now able to defend the country.

In a meeting with the US and European Union ambassadors to NATO on Saturday, President Ghani said the Afghan government and people will remain grateful for NATO’s commitment support towards Afghanistan.

President Ghani said the situation in Afghanistan was different 13 years ago but the Afghan people have gone through a long journey with the support of the international community.

He said the enemies of Afghanistan were looking to take control of certain provinces recently but the Afghan security forces proved that they are able to defend their soil and people.

President Ghani also reiterated to continue fight against terrorism and extremism and insisted that the Afghan forces are now able to conduct assaults and are no more in a situation to defend against the enemy aggressions.

He also added that the enemies are looking to spark terror among the people by killing the innocent women and children.

nato resolute support mission

In the meantime, the US and EU ambassadors to NATO reaffirmed the alliance’s long term support to Afghanistan.

The NATO-led coalition security forces formally concluded the alliance’s combat mission in Afghanistan with the launch of Resolute Support mission which is mainly focused on building Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) sustainability.

ISAF’s original mandate was to assist the newly-established Afghan Transitional Authority in and around Kabul. The scope and scale of ISAF’s mission grew as the Coalition added Provincial Reconstruction Teams and took on the responsibility to provide security while Afghan security forces were growing in strength.

The International Security Assistance Force – ISAF’s lasting legacy, accomplished with Afghan partners, was the establishment of a 350,000-strong security force, which today is fully responsible for security in Afghanistan.

During the course of the 2014 fighting season, the ANSF prevented the Taliban from disrupting national elections allowing more than seven million Afghans to exercise their right to vote. This led to the establishment of the Afghan National Unity Government, which marked the first peaceful democratic transition of power in Afghan history.