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2 Daesh affiliates killed in NDS special operation in Nangarhar

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The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said its 02 Unit in a special operation killed two members of the Daesh (Islamic state Khurasan) group in Nangarhar province and detained five others.

On Saturday night, NDS’ 02 unit, launched a special operation in the “Viali” area of ​​Ghani Khalil district of Nangarhar province, the department stated on Saturday.

The operation led to the death of two Daesh militants, and five other affiliates of the group were arrested, NDS said in a statement.

According to the statement among those detained were “Arabistan” known as “Saudi”, who was a key body behind targeted assassinations and was one of the masterminds in several attacks.

During the operation, two rocket shells, an AK-47 rifle, two hand grenades, and a pistol were also seized by the National Directorate of Security.

Previously, National Directorate of Security has reportedly arrested several members of the ISIS group in a night operation in Achin district of Nangarhar province on Wednesday night.

NDS’ 02 unit in a released statement on Thursday said that Hazrat Ali also famous as Abu Saeed, Azam known as Shahin Nangarhari, Hamza Khurasani, and two others suspected of collaborating with Daesh have been detained.

According to the security sources, Hazrat Ali was involved in plotting to attack Kabul University and was also in contact with Daesh leaders in Syria, Iraq, and Belgium.

02 unit of the National Directorate of Security reported that the captured key member of Daesh Khurasan spread fear and panic among the public, He was responsible for the propaganda procedures of the group.

In addition to the arrest of the Daesh members NDS also seized two pistols, according to the statement.

In January 2021, Mohammad Adil was found guilty of masterminding the attack on Kabul University is sentenced to death by the Afghan supreme court.

According to the Interior Ministry, five other collaborators of the attack were sentenced to various jail terms after being found guilty of charges of treason, transfer of explosive materials, and cooperating with ISIS (Daesh).

The Interior Ministry reported, five others involved in the violent act were sentenced to various jail terms, after being found guilty of transfer of explosive materials, treason, and cooperation with Daesh.

Amrullah Saleh welcomed the court’s decision on Saturday and added that justice had been served.

Others were also sentenced to death, Saleh said but did not provide further explanation except that the list will be shared with media soon.

Adel is said to have been charged for kidnapping and other terrorist activities, Obaidullah is another Daesh member who is found guilty of collaborating with the group, planting IEDs, and delivery of explosive materials.

Previously armed assailants had attacked Kabul University in November of 2020 in which more than 19 people were killed and 22 others were wounded.

The attack ended after six hours of harsh battle between the militants and the security forces.

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