Politicians, analysts, and social activists in Pakistan and Afghanistan describe the US move as fueling more violence and turmoil in the Middle East.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to wrap up the Israel-Palestine conflict has been deemed controversial and has drawn criticism in many countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PFP), a center for several political and religious fractions, described Trump’s move ridiculous and said it is a poor attempt to cover American leaders’ successive defeats in the region.

PFP Secretary-General, Sabir Kurbalai, said in a statement that the people of Pakistan reject Trump’s plan as Israel is an occupational force, and its status will never change through any forced plan.

He further added that Jerusalem would remain the eternal capital of Palestine, and the people of Pakistan will support our Palestinian brothers who are the rightful residents of the Palestinian territories.

Although Trump’s announcement came too late in the night, social media was taken by storm in Afghanistan, with people criticizing the move. According to Pakistani activists, Trump’s selfish plan has already minimized the chances for peace in the region; hence, Pakistanis would continue to support the Palestinian cause.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, activists, and politicians warned that Trump’s plan would further deescalate the situation in the region and the broader Muslim world. Some believe that instead of making peace, the US will invite more public anger in the war-torn countries by pursuing such impractical policies.


  • Nizamuddin Rezahi holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing Management from SLIIT. He is a competent content writer, interested in writing on the contemporary socio-economic and cultural affairs of Afghanistan.