One of the spokespeople of the Taliba Bilal Karimi confirmed the arrest of three people who shot dead and wounded more than ten people in a wedding function in eastern Nangarhar province.

Bilal Karimi said that the people impersonated the Taliban fighters and utilized the Taliban’s name and added that they did not belong to them.

Three gunmen launched fire at people in a wedding function in the Sorkh Rod district of eastern Nangarhar province bordering Pakistan.

The incident left two killed and ten wounded including children.

“The three gunmen arrested are not Taliban fighters and they had personal problems with the hosts of the wedding.” Said Bilal Karimi.

It was first rumored that the Taliban fighters attacked a wedding function on Saturday, October 30 in Nangarhar province and fired at people for playing music and singing.

Music and singing song in all kinds of functions have been stopped since the Taliban takeover as they call it “Haram” illegal in Islam.