President Ashraf Ghani, along with the Afghan delegations, returned to Kabul after attending World Economic Forum in Davos, Swiss.

Besides addressing the World Economic Forum, Mr. Ghani met world leaders and discussed the economic development and improvement in the Afghan peace process.

President Ghani delivered his remarks regarding the Taliban delegations in Doha, stating that Taliban fighters are tired of war but their leaders are enjoying themselves in Doha.

He further added that Taliban leaders are getting their forth or firth wife and become investors, while their fighters are suffering continues causalities against Afghan security forces in all corners of Afghanistan.

He also claimed that neither former President Hamid Karzai nor Dr. Abduallah Abdullah has cohesive plans for the future of Afghanistan.

Following President Ghani’s’ controversial remarks about Abdullah and Karzai, the two prominent politicians along with other influential political figures gathered in Kabul and declared their stance regarding the Afghan peace process and Afghan people’s demand.  

On the sideline of meeting in Davos, President Ghani met with world leaders, including his US counterpart Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Saudi Foreign Minister, and business leaders to harness economic and political support for Afghanistan.


  • Nizam Rezahi is an editor and content writer to The Khaama Press News Agency.