A Chinese doctor who was battling ‘at the front line’ to treat patients infected with coronavirus, died himself after continuously in-contact with infected patients, Chinese media reported.

Liang Wudong, a 62-year old ENT specialist died on Saturday after treating patients infected with coronavirus disease.

The Wuhan coronavirus has killed 41 people so far and infected nearly 1,300, causing the Chinese government to quarantine at least 12 cities, and at least 33 million people. The virus is believed to have originated at a wet market, where livestock and poultry are sold alongside animals like dogs, hares, and civets. 

Doctors in Wuhan have been overwhelmed with the number of coronavirus patients, and some are wearing adult diapers because they don’t have time to go to the restroom. Wudong worked at Hubei Xinhua Hospital, which says he retired in March 2019. He died early Saturday.

The Chinese government has sent 1,200 more medical professionals to Wuhan to combat the epidemic and ease the burden on local doctors, The Guardian reports. The country’s health ministry has also ordered a nationwide effort to identify and immediately isolate suspected coronavirus cases on trains, airplanes, and buses.

Wuhan officials earlier announced they have started on a construction project to establish a 1,000-bed hospital for coronavirus patients. The construction work will finish in six days.


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