The Chief Executive of National Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah reacted to Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s remarks regarding the establishment of an interim government in Afghanistan.

Speaking to a group of reporters in Kabul, Abdullah said such remarks are not acceptable to any individual or group.

Abdullah further added that the Afghan people have campaigned and made sacrifices for the independence, freedom, and their future, emphasizing that Pakistan should have reached to a conclusion, at least for once, that only the Afghan people have the right to decide regarding their future.

He said the Afghan people have always demanded peace and good relations with everyone.

Abdullah also added that the Afghan government has responded to the remarks of Imran Khan through diplomatic channels and the Afghan Ambassador has also been recalled for further consultations.

The Chief Executive of the Unity Government also added that Afghanistan wants cooperation of Pakistan in peace process and demands pressures by Pakistan on Taliban, insisting that Afghanistan does not want remarks regarding its fate.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier suggested an interim government setup in Afghanistan to help end the impasse in Afghan peace process.

Speaking with local journalists at his office on Monday, PM Khan claimed that the Afghan government was a hurdle in peace process as it was insisting on direct talks with the Taliban group.

He also added that a neutral interim government can help with the success of peace process in Afghanistan by holding a free and transparent election.


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