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16th General Assembly of Youths ended in Tirana

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World Youth AssemblyThe Afghan youths’ representatives, along with several international youth activist and youth representatives from deferent part of the world involved in the World Assembly of youths, called on UN and other international organisations to support youths and bring them to the leadership level.

16th International assembly of youth with the selected theme, ‘Youth Leadership Succession: Past and Future, took place on 7th to 11th Dec 2014 in Tirana Albania.

This assembly was organized by WAY in partnership with the Melaka State Government, Malaysia, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Albania and the Albanian youth Council.

The youth representatives of Afghanistan briefed the participants about the Afghan youths and the challenges which they are faced with.

In a leadership session with the European, African and Asian youths, afghan delegation pointing out the importance of youth leadership, the participation of youth in politics by addressing the youth issues and being an important stakeholder for government on build in strategies for solving youth issues.

Ms. Masiela Lusha, WAY Good will Ambassador said, WAY sees a greater need for sustainability even as the drive, to develop and empower the community, continues. With that in mind, WAY has chosen “The Role of Youth on Sustainable Development” as the theme for the Fourth Millennium Plan of Action and is designed to be consistent with the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Youth Assembly Afghanistan FlagMirwais Jalalzai the member of World Youth Assembly observer team from Afghanistan evolutes assembly session impact full, and he asked the WAY executive board for the membership of Afghanistan in World Assembly of Youth.

He added Afghan youths focus will be on the current issues that affect young people around the country.

“Youth role on sustainable development is very crucial. Youth and youth leaders should be pivotal players in tackling global development issues and play a key role in the decision making processes, at all levels” He said.

In The XIV General Assembly of Youth the 10 areas set by the World Assembly of Youth for the Fourth Millennium Plan of Action Goal was, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, Ensure environmental sustainability, promote sustainable economic growth and employment, ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all, eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, achieve gender equality and women empowerment, promote peaceful and inclusive societies , eradicate poverty in all its forms, Strengthen global partnership for development and encourage youth participation in decision making process.

The youth leadership in succession: Past and Future theme was chosen to draw attention to the importance of youth leadership-possession taking into consideration the fact that youth, worldwide, amount for approximately 3 billion people, making up almost half of the global population.

Emad Ahmad Haroon other member of Afghan delegation also emphasized on empowerment of youths in the world.

“Youths are the driving force of a country and the government should invest on them and give them chance to work for development of the country” he added.

World youth leaders to reflect on the real objectives of the national youth councils and more importantly its relevance to the currently global crisis facing the world. We must challenge leaders to make shift their current approach of managing the youth, he said.

Now a day youth around the world had to many problems but Afghan youths are faced with deferent kind of challenges and it need to be element by the government and those organizations which works for youth empowerment globally.

Sayeed Adeeb Modasir the other member of afghan youth delegation also had a speech to the participants.

He added my recommends to world leaders is to inspire and empower the youth around the world to making it a better place for the generations to come.

He also called upon the United Nations to declare an International Skills day as recognition of skills development of youth, paving the way for reduced poverty.

Sayeed Adeeb asked the youth representatives what challenges they were facing to which they responded that actually mobilizing young people and governments was a difficult task.

The 16th General Assembly of Youths closed by the President of WAY Idris Haron on 12the Dec .

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