Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Mirwais Jalalzai


Government will return Afghan refugees in shortest time: Mosazai

By: Mirwais  Jalalzai Janan Mosazai, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan said on Saturday that the national unity government of Afghanistan was taking measures for the...

16th General Assembly of Youths ended in Tirana

The Afghan youths’ representatives, along with several international youth activist and youth representatives from deferent part of the world involved in the World Assembly...

Asia: people and governments are addicted to the deadly weed

According to reports around 700 million Asians, mostly men, cannot get through the day without puffing on a cigarette. The habit is thought to kill...

Tobacco industry booming in Asia

While much of the developed world has seen a big drop in the number of smokers, the opposite is true of many emerging and...

WHO: 16,000 people infected with Ebola

Around 16,500 people have been infected with Ebola virus and nearly 7,000 have died, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. The...

Police defuse a bird bomb in northern Afghanistan

For the first time Afghan police discover and defused a bomb which was planted in a bird’s body in northern Faryab province. Faryab  is one...

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