Assault on Nizamuddin Qaisari’s house in Balkh province by the Afghan national security forces on Friday is described illegal by the members of the fact-finding team who are investigating the operation.

Afghan security forces besieged Nizamuddin Qaisari’s house in Mazar-e-Sharif city in December 2019, which led to the killing of seven of Qaisari’s guards and the destruction of parts of his residence and neighboring homes.  

Nizamuddin Qaisari, former police chief for Qaisar district, Faryab, and a commander of public uprising forces, was arrested previously along with twenty of his men by the Afghan Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps in November 2018 and charged with a “violation of human rights.”

The eight-member probe team concluded that the assault on Qaisari’s house was illegal since the elite police force from Unit-333 launched the operation without consulting the local officials in Balkh. Additionally, the reports say that the operation was launched without the authorization of the acting minister of defense and interior.
Zahir Masroor, a member of the fact-finding team, stated that “Khoshal Sadat directly took command of the clash into Qaisari’s house which resulted in the killing of seven guards of Qaisari, however, Qaisari himself managed to escape.”
Based on Article 37 of the Constitution of Afghanistan, directly attacking someone’s house is illegal; instead, an investigation of the house with the permission of the court is allowed,” said legal expert Arash Shahirpour.

Reports say that Qaisar’s case is complicated – his house has been illegally assaulted by the Afghan forces, while there are allegations that Qaisari is charged with a violation of human rights.


  • Nizam Rezahi is an editor and content writer to The Khaama Press News Agency.