Girls volleyball competition started in western Herat province for the first time, where eight clubs are competing in two separate groups, said officials.

The participating athletes are optimistic about women volleyball competing which is underway in Herat province. They believe that besides boosting volleyball in the region, the game has its positive impacts on female athletes, as they have a chance to qualify for the national team.

Fatema Ahmadi, a volleyball player, said, “I have a lot of passion for volleyball, and have been playing the sport for years. I am quite sure the efforts I made will greatly pay off by winning the championship.”

According to the players, they have had professional female coaches who trained them well and helped the players to increase their chances of winning the competition.

It is the second consecutive year that volleyball competition is held in Herat. This sparks positive sign for female athletes as they can gradually increase their participation in different sport across the country, said officials hosting the competition.

Through the same tournament, four girls were qualified to the national women volleyball team after the first round of this competition, the provincial sports officials added.


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