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Delay in Electing a Parliament Speaker is Unconstitutional: CIC

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(Tolo News) – Delay by parliamentarians to elect a house speaker is unconstitutional, Constitutional Implementation Commission (CIC) said Sunday.

Constitutional Implementation Commission urged the Afghan House of Representatives to elect a head as soon as possible and set up an administrative board.

In a letter to the parliament, the CIC said resultless votes to those running for parliament speaker have stopped lawmakers to fulfill their own responsibilities.

CIC has suggested “political consultation” to help end chaos in parliament over electing a house speaker.

The letter points out the following:

1- Legislators should decide based on article 81 in constitution.

2- Based on article 8 in parliament internal regulations and using from experiences of parliaments in other democratic countries and as well as after a legal consensus, the house speaker and administrative board should be elected.

3- If the parliament requires legal assistance to find a way out of the present crisis, the commission is ready to cooperate with full sincerity and impartiality.

Some amendments should be made in internal regulations of the parliament and former candidates should be given new chances to run for the seat, CIC said.

Temporary head of the house sees formation of a committee as the only option that could end the current problem.

More than three weeks ago President Hamid Karzai opened the parliament after pressures from international community and lawmakers, but contrary to what people expected from the new MPs, they haven’t been able to choose a house speaker and administrative board.

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