Taliban fighters killed at least 15 Afghan security forces in an attack on a base in northern Kunduz province on Tuesday night, according to security sources.

Reports say the attack took place at a joint security forces base in Dasht-e-Archi district on Tuesday night, which caused the death of 14 soldiers and a police officer, and at least another 15 wounded, including three local police members.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, whereas Afghan security forces have not commented about the assault and how the attack took place.

“This assault follows the attack which took place in Baghlan province on Monday night, as a result of which some nine police officers were brutally killed in the hands of Taliban fighters”, said the security source.

Ironically enough, the Taliban fighters have increased their attacks, particularly in the north of the country on government forces over the last couple of days.

Afghan analysts, politicians and civic group condemns the latest attacks on Afghan security forces, and label Taliban militants as “hypocrites” who have never been faithful to their commitments.

Taliban’s brutal attacks on security forces accelerate as their leadership negotiates peace talks with the US representatives in Doha Qatar.


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