Tuesday, May 24 – Sayed Mansoor Naderi, leader of Afghanistan Ismailis and Member of Parliament returned back to Afghanistan after he has recovered from a heart surgery done in India 4 months ago.

His eldest son Sayed Jafar Naderi (former Baghlan governor) was accompanying him through his travel from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Kabul,

He was warmly welcomed by number of parliamentarians, government officials, heads of tribal and a massive crowd of followers.

Naderis’ are only spiritual family who have been leading over 2 million Ismailis in Afghanistan, they are widely respected all over Afghanistan both by the Ismailis and the non-Isamilies of Afghanistan.

He was given the title of King Maker by media during presidential election 2009 when his support caused Karzai’s success.



  • Khaama Press

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