Faizululdding, a 40 years old man was detained on the charge of forced marriage to a teenage girl in northern Balkh province, local officials said on Friday.  

The child marriage taboo across Afghanistan, particularly in rural areas, goes back to centuries. Despite the opposition from the women’s rights group, social activists and the government against this inhuman act, it is still experienced in the rural parts of the country.

According to Khadija Yaqeen, the provincial head of women’s rights commission in Mazari Sharif, the eight years old teenage girl was forcibly married to 40 years old Fazuluddin as part of the cultural taboos.

Reports say that the police personnel took the girl to the provincial women’s safe shelter for safety and treatment. By spending two months in hostage, the little girl has gone through the worst possible cruelty and physical violence.

Women’s rights activist in central Kabul raise their concern about this and similar cases and demand the government to take serious action, and do not allow the predators to commit violence against teenage girls.

“The provincial police are searching the girls’ father, who is considered to be the main responsible person for the shooking case,” said Yaqeen.

Reports say that Afghanistan is considered one of the most difficult places in the world to be a woman. In most parts of the country, even women are not allowed to get an education, go out of the household, and take part in social affairs other than raising children and serving their male family members.

Recent surveys reveal that 87% of Afghan women are illiterate, only 2% of women have access to higher education, and they still face major barriers to accessing employment.


  • Nizam Rezahi is an editor and content writer to The Khaama Press News Agency.