Following the unprecedented snowfalls and cold weather, the price of liquid gas jumped high from Afs 45 to Afs 90 within the past couple of weeks in central Kabul. 

According to the reports, the price of gas massively increased among the private gas sellers and distributors, although it has remained the same (Afs 465) for a kilogram of gas at the government gas distribution centers.

The raising price from Afs 60/kg to Afs 70/kg on January 12 does not represent a normal situation. This warns ordinary people of the worst-case scenario as the snow keeps falling and the weather gets colder day-after-day.

Salem Khan, a local gas supplier, said: “the highway is closed due to heavy snowfalls and continues rains, and it takes longer for the vehicle to arrive and fill up the tanks.”

The government has the upper hand over the traders by selling the reserved gas directly to the traders so they can prevent a price hike,” another investor said.  

A few powerful gas importers control the market but the prices are fixed by some “unknown” individuals, which needs the government to step in and take immediate actions to stabilize the gas price.   Mohammad Kalim, a Kabul resident, said, “The government should pay attention to this matter and find out why there is a considerable difference of Afs 45 between government gas suppliers and private gas distributors.


  • Nizam Rezahi is an editor and content writer to The Khaama Press News Agency.