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Police defuse a bird bomb in northern Afghanistan

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Bird Bomb

For the first time Afghan police discover and defused a bomb which was planted in a bird’s body in northern Faryab province.

Faryab  is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, which is located in the north of the country bordering neighboring Turkmenistan.

According to local police, the suspicious bird was flying over a police check  point on Faryab- Jawzjan high way in Shereen  Tagab distract, when police start tracking it.

“The bird which also had a GPS on the top of his head was used by unknown sources possibly Taliban against the police forces, Ahmadullah an afghan public order police solder said.

“They tried to divert the animal but it eventually had to be stopped with a rifle shot. A team went out and realized there was something suspicious under the bird. One brave soldier set it on fire to the bird with a sniper and there was a considerable explosion.

“No-one was hurt thanks to the swift action taken and they were saved from a very unusual attack.” He said.

According to Ahmadullah, it is first time that they faced with that this kind of bomb which was suppose to use against governmental institution by planting in a wild bird .

Bird Bomb and Camera Afghanistan

Afghan police target the bird by sniper soon after identify it as a bomber and explode a few meters a way above the police chick point.

It is not clear yet who had plan to use this bird as a  bomber against afghan police but Faryab province is one of those area in northern Afghanistan which is  recently wetness of Taliban and Al-Qaida activities .

But the incident has alarmed military chiefs concerned that the Taliban are now using desperate methods to attack occupying forces.

This is the first time that insurgents use a bird to lunch bomb attack on afghan forces, before that the Taliban  use donkeys to launch bomb attacks on afghan and international forces in Afghanistan .

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  1. I do not see any thing indicated a bomb in the bird. GPS and rings are for released birds in captive. I think the police has seen the Tag in birds feet and killed her. This is really rude to birds. This bird is rare and in red list of Afghanistan birds.

  2. This bird had a research tracking device on it including the ECCH phone number and email contact information. If it had a bomb, and they shot it, I doubt there would be anything left but feathers? This is an intact dead bird. Apparently an endangered one at that.

  3. The reporting and photo are in very obvious conflict. If the “bomber” was detonated, why is the bird still being shown intact as a trophy? This is a wild bird and unable to provide assistance to either side as it cannot be directed. GPS transmitters are quite expensive and this one was deployed to track it’s natural movements, all useless information to the Taliban unless they have started bird conservation programs.

  4. There is work to do for Police Advisors. It is not always a bomb when it has a antenna and GPS. Sorry to read this kind of news from Afghanistan. In Finland we are following in internet the birds with same kind of tracking system. One of the most famous osprey is named Ilmari.


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