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Zakhilwal warns Pakistani military of consequences regarding Torkham gate work

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Minister-ZakhilwalThe Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal has warned the Pakistani military of consequences if the construction work of the gate has not been halted.

In an online statement posted on his Facebook page, Zakhilwal said the construction work of the gate has not been stopped by the Pakistani forces despite an agreement was reached to halt the work and resolve the issue through diplomatic negotiations.

Zakhilwal further added that an agreement was reached with Pakistani military delegation to ceasefire, high level talks on the issue, resolve the issue through discussions by high level delegation, and prevent construction work until he issue has been resolved.

According to Zakhilwal, a letter has been sent to the Pakistani military leadership regarding the issue and they have been warned that Pakistan would be responsible for any consequences.

Zakhilwal said he would be forced to release the details of the conflict and there would be no reason left for him to continue to his diplomatic mission in Pakistan.

Clashes among the Afghan and Pakistani forces started late on Sunday night after the Afghan border guards stopped Pakistani forces to start work on a gate along the zero point in Durand Line.

The two sides suffered casualties as a result of the clashes which continued for three days until an agreement was reached for a ceasefire on Wednesday.

The Afghan government condemned the unilateral move by Pakistan to establish a gate in the zero point of Durand Line, calling it a move against the bilateral agreement as the two sides should agree before starting work on any establishment.

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  4. We go for self defence, you on the other hand are talking about murder. Your mentality shows exactly what Afghans are like, trigger happy. Proof that Afghans are the aggressors and we are defending our territory.

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