A young Afghan researcher and economist Hon. Ms. Hasina Jalal has once again been awarded one of the most prestigious awards, the Women Super Achiever Award, following several awards she has been given in the past for her tireless efforts specifically in the sciences.

The award was given to her during a summit named World Human Rights Congress in India as afghan young woman leader and afghan genius in Asia.

She was recognized for efforts to bring peace at the grass-roots level by setting up the women community councils, as Afghan women volunteer groups that bring communities in conflict together.

Hasina was also recognized for her lifelong commitment in bringing justice to women, actively contributing to journals to push the gender agenda, and tackling discrimination and violence against women with organizations such as the National Association of Afghanistan Civil Society.

According to a statement by Jalal Foundation, Hasina’s efforts as a polyglot and linguist was recognized for spreading to the Afghan women messages in many different languages throughout the world reaching many different nations with the slogan of mobilizing women globally for supporting Afghanistan women.

Her other efforts including unrelenting work to bring peace to Afghanistan through civil society platforms and advocacy for peace, while ensuring attention on gender equality and women’s empowerment and for championing civil society action on Women, Peace and Security and for her efforts to bring women of different contexts to a platform of unity and peace to the whole country benefit were also recognized during the summit.

Hasina is a symbol of  representation of Afghanistan young women shifting from a traditionally marginalized group, to a new era of modernism and standing up for peace and fighting for the rights of others including violence faced by women.

Hasina is recognized as a pillar of strength and symbol of empowerment in Afghanistan for creating livelihood opportunities for women in an afghan community where the role of women in the public domain is severely restricted.

Hasina believes “Afghanistan has a nascent women-led startup scene, and women need more encouragement and incentives to actually consider the entrepreneurial option, particularly in the Afghan context, where formal employment opportunities for women are limited, the more successful female entrepreneurs emerge in Afghanistan, and the more society will leap forward.”

She proposes solutions that referring to it as a “triangle of stability” whose three sides are the economy, security, and human resources. She calls upon the afghan government leadership at aims to stimulate the private sector by attracting foreign investors as traditional aid dries up.

The results and findings of her scientific researches, which is also including effective leadership styles by women, challenging a positive leadership experience, improved organizational culture by applying modern gender and leadership theories.


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