A group of young Afghan photographers are aiming to make the art of photography more elegant and demonstrate the phenomena with an artistic view.

The group is operating under the name of “Isteqra” or “Induction” and has a slogan “Prowling to Revelation”. They have an aim to reproduce the beauties in an artistic design, the beauties which we do not notice despite passing by them on daily basis.

Mohib Ali, one of the members of the group told Khaama Press that the group is trying to make the artistic dimension of photography more elegant and demonstrate the phenomena with a more artistic look to others.

Ali further added that the scope of photography was limited to certain genres including documentary, news, portrait and landscape which were less artistic but more of mediatic use.

However, he said the new group of young photographers started their artistic activities with a special sight and to illustrate photography as an art.

In regards to the objectives of Isteqra Group, Ali said “Photography, as an experience of viewing, is not only looking but is an effort to rediscover by viewing. A photographer is more a reproducer than a producer and is somehow rediscovering. The places and things which have passed by or passing by repeatedly, have become a routine for us and have gone unnoticed and are forgotten. We come to rediscover them and display the art as aesthetics.”

Samples of Ali’s Photography

Furthermore, Ali said personal orientation and individual attitude makes their work distinct from the other photographers. “In contrast to the past generations who were more interested in documentary making through photography, we are the narrators associators of feelings and emotions through photography and are paving the ground for contemplation with photography. Our only objective is not to demonstrate with photography but we want to present a text filled with signals with the help of a photographer which should be readable and distinct to everyone.”

He also added that they want to have a new representation of photography in the country which should be synchronous with first hand photography in the world.

Meanwhile, Ali said the Isteqra Group is inviting the people not to bypass the daily events in a simple and idle manner but should have a deep glance into their environment.

He also added that they invite the people not to be influenced by psychological, political and social pressures in which they have no control or involvement.

Ali said the group will try to explain that other cases such as Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Aesthetics also exist in liberal arts which should be considered in addition to various political and social aspects.

Furthermore, Ali said they want their audience to think beyond the realities and consider their personal concerns with the power of their imagination as arts could be a cure to lots of issues which we face in the society.

The Isteqra Group which consists 8 young photographers organized their second exhibition with the support of Cultural Institute of France on 11th of July in Isteqlal High School.

Mohammad Sadeqi Ayaz Beg, Hamid Sultani, Omar Khan, Mohammad Shahb Islami, Abbas Aasi, Omar Sana, Farhan Khalil and Mohib Ali are the members of the group.


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