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Young Afghan girl commits suicide in Pakistan

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A young woman who had sought refuge in Pakistan after escaping the Taliban died by suicide on Wednesday morning in Islamabad’s B-17 area. She jumped from the fifth floor of a high-rise building.

Maryam Sadaat, a young woman in her 20s, tragically took her own life, reportedly due to the uncertainty surrounding her immigration application and worsening living conditions. Mohammad Aman Sheikh-ul Islami, head of a committee in the Afghanistan Refugee Council, spoke to Maryam’s family about the situation.

Maryam has a pending US immigration case on a P-2 visa. Sheikh-ul Islami stated she lived in Islamabad with her family for a year without support from any organization.
In June, an Afghan refugee awaiting US P-2 immigration processing took his life by jumping from a building in Islamabad’s Golberg Green area.

In the aftermath of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, many individuals embarked on a journey to Pakistan, desperately seeking refuge and the prospect of resettlement in Western countries such as the United States. However, the situation for many of these asylum seekers has been marked by a complex blend of relief and uncertainty.

For those fortunate enough to have secured temporary refuge in Pakistan or managed to reach Western shores, the initial sigh of relief has given way to a new set of challenges.

With their visas gradually expiring, the shadow of potential deportation looms large, injecting a layer of distress into their already turbulent lives.

While some of these displaced individuals managed to find solace in their new circumstances, a considerable portion remains trapped in the intricate web of bureaucratic procedures. What was once a quest for safety and stability has transformed into an agonizing waiting game, where the harsh realities of extended uncertainty temper hope.

Voices of concern have echoed through the refugee community as they navigate this arduous journey. The apparent lack of substantial action to expedite these processes has left many feeling neglected, underscoring the need for urgent and effective measures to address their plight.

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