The Afghan armed forces personnel disabled due to injuries in action will compete in the upcoming 2018 Invictus Games to be hosted by Australia.

An event was organized in the Resolute Support Headquarters in Kabul to select the Afghan warriors for the upcoming games.

“General Nicholson and I have the greatest pleasure in welcoming you here at Headquarters Resolute Support. Today is an important day, as this year’s Team Afghanistan for the Invictus Games in Sydney will be chosen. My special thanks go to Australia, one of NATO’s closest partners and troop contributors to Resolute Support, and the generous host of this year’s Invictus Games,” the NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan Cornelius Zimmermann said.

Zimmermann further added “You have suffered terrible injuries in serving your country while working towards peace and security for the Afghan people. When more and more Afghan children can go to school, this is because of you. When a growing number of Afghan women can enjoy their full rights, this is because of you. And when Afghans can choose their leaders in free and fair elections, this is because of you.”

“And so the Invictus Games are an occasion for all of us: the international community, the Afghan people and NATO, to show you our thanks and our gratitude for your courage and steadfast example,” he added.