January 17, 2018

World doesn’t ended while Mayan calendar ends

By Mirwais Adeel - Sat Dec 22 2012, 9:18 am

Guatemalans celebrate the end of the Mayan long count calendar and the start of a new oneDec. 21 started out as the prophetic day some had believed would usher in the fiery end of the world. By Friday afternoon, it had become more comic than cosmic, the punch line of countless Facebook posts and at least several dozen T-shirts.

Late Thursday, a ceremony was held in northern Guatemala at an ancient Mayan temple marking the end of a period known as the 13th Baktun.

Thousands of mystics, hippies and tourists celebrated on Friday as the Earth survived a day billed by doomsday theorists as the end of the world and a new era began for the Maya people.

The doomsayers who had predicted apocalypse were nowhere to be seen. Instead, people showed up in T-shirts reading “The End of the World: I Was There.”

​​In Taiwan, a countdown to the end of days was held near a replica of a Mayan pyramid. Events were also held in other Central and South American nations where remnants of the Mayan culture persist.

For the masses in the ruins, Dec. 21 sparked celebration of what they saw as the birth of a new and better age. It was also inspiration for massive clouds of patchouli and marijuana smoke and a chorus of conch calls at the break of dawn.

The official crowd count stood at 20,000 as of mid-afternoon, with people continuing to arrive. That surpassed the count on an average day but not as many as have gathered at the ruins during equinoxes.

In the 1960s, US scholars said the end of the Maya’s 13th Baktun, an epoch lasting some 400 years, could signify an Armageddon – a theory debunked by experts.

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  1. the title is written with a little mistake, when “doesn’t” is used, you dont have to add “ed” and the end of end to make it ended.

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