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Women protest in Taliban’s Kabul, the city is yet fully come to normal

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

A number of women gathered in Police District 10 of Kabul demanding a share in the upcoming government.

The women asked power holders not to be forgotten in the upcoming regime.

The women though did not name the Taliban directly; this is apparently a rare move in Afghanistan where the Taliban are grappling control of nearly the entire country.

Earlier, a number of youngsters had also gathered in Kunar province demanding the Taliban to let the Afghan government flag fly over the country. For the same plea, there is a vast campaign on social media demanding the Afghanistan Islamic Emirate to maintain the Afghan flag while others suggest a joint flag of both.

In the Afghan capital, the situation is barely looking to be coming to normal as the number of Taliban members carrying weapons is relatively less.

The number of shops also increased and now there are more people on the streets of Kabul compared with the past two days.

Public transportation also got relatively back on the streets and there was also some traffic personnel seen in the city.

The Taliban also share frequent video clips of arresting thieves in Kabul city who were impersonating them and were robbing people and property.

Though the AIE in their statement said that academic institutions will remain open for both boys and girls, the institutions are still closed in Kabul.

In the public health sector, the Taliban members have also met a group of female doctors in Kabul asking them to continue their jobs as normal.

The Taliban are grabbing the metropolis as there is still no leadership in Afghanistan to lead the country.

The newly shaped council comprised of Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah and Gulbadin Hekmatyar was supposed to be visiting Doha on Tuesday but the visit was then put off.

The council is currently the only address from which the Taliban can get the power.

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