Saudi woman divorced for kissing camelA newly-wed Saudi woman was divorced by her husband after she was caught kissing a baby camel by her husband’s family, it has been reported.

The husband of the woman has said he was pressed by her mother who had seen her bride kissing the baby camel and demanded a divorce on the grounds what she did violated social and religious rules.

No details have been given regarding the identity of the woman and her husband’s family but the camel kiss reportedly occurred at the unnamed family’s home west of Riyadh.

The UAE based Gulf News, citing a local newspaper, reported “He said he could not disobey his mother, who swore that she would disown him if he does not divorce his wife.”

The report further added “On the next day, he went to his wife’s family and gave them her clothes…there, she apologized to him and said she did not mean anything wrong and only kissed the camel to express her delight at the camel’s birth…the husband was persuaded and decided to take her back home, where his mother pressed him again to kick her out.”

The son refused to divorce his wife again and went to live with her family, according to the report.

The woman said “I love my husband and want to be with him forever…but I am not ready to live with his mother again.”


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