The Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami and former governor of Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor has warned that all options would be used if the government violates recent agreement regarding Balkh tensions.

In a video message released on eve of the Afghan New Year, Noor said they preferred a logical end to the issue and an agreement was reached during the visit to Balkh province by acting ministers of interior and defense.

He did not elaborate further regarding the agreement reached between the two sides to resolve tensions but added that if the agreement was violated despite it was reached with the two senior security and defense ministers then certain steps would be taken.

Noor also added that all options are available and preparations are in pace, emphasizing that “we would not opt the option of war until the war is imposed that would endanger their lives, families, country mates.”

However, Noor warned that certain options are available if the same logic of war mongering continues to persist, emphasizing that “Our logic never allows ordering for a war but we would never remain silent and would wait for a positive and good outcome.”

This comes as sporadic clashes erupted in Mazar-e-Sharif city last Thursday following the appointment of the new police chief of Balkh province.

In the meatime, Noor rejected the perceptions that he stood against the Andarabi people and added that he does not recognize the new police chief of Balkh and has no issue with him but the main reason behind his protest was the circumstances surrounding the process and breach of the agreement.

Noor went on to claim that the main motive of the conspiracies were to create a chaos in the city in which 50 or 100 would die and shops would be looted, emphasizing that they did their best to prevent the outbreak of chaos and not to be entrapped by these conspiracies.