Kabul attackA widespread online campaign has kicked off by the Enlightenment Movement almost a week after a peaceful demonstration was hit by a deadly attack in Kabul city.

The campaign has been launched in Twitter social media as the users have vowed to launch an online revolution to protest against what they call discrimination.

Twitter users are saying that the campaign will be historic in the history of social media in the country, specifically in Twitter which is the second most popular social media website in Afghanistan.

The campaign started earlier today with thousands of users taking part in it by using the hashtag of #enlightenment.

Majority of the campaign participants call on international organizations such as the United Nations to investigate the deadly attack on peaceful protesters that took place on Saturday.

“Please consider a donation for the victims&survivors of the #enlightenment movement in #Kabul and bring their message to the attention of the world. We called for justice but were given terror and massacre. #enlightenment #kabul,” says a Twitter post.

Other tweets show mass graves digged for the dozens of people killed in the attack, saying “#Hazaras r tired of digging mass graves #Kabul #quetta and again #Kabul #enlightenment #enlighteningMovement.”

The demonstration was originally organized to protest against the change of a major power project route from the central provinces including Bamyan to Salang pass.

However the protesters are now saying their campaign is aimed at raising voices against the discrimination.

The attack in Kabul on Saturday left at least 80 people dead and over 200 others wounded with the majority of the victims consisting of the minority Hazara people.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group claimed responsibility behind the attack but the protesters are saying that an independent probe should be launched despite the government has assigned a delegation to investigate the bloodshed.


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