Toyota Cars in AfghanistanBy: Bradley Taylor

The Toyota Corolla has been manufactured by the Japanese automaker since the 1960s, and by 1974, had been declared the world’s best-selling car. Synonymous with reliability and practicality, this small family car is sold all over the world.

But one country in particular has developed something of a love affair with this particular model – and that country is Afghanistan!

Why is the Toyota Corolla such a popular car in Afghanistan?

Just as the Ford Mustang is a popular car in the United States, Afghanistan’s popular car of choice is the Toyota Corolla. There are many reasons why this car is much-loved:

  • Price – despite the high import taxes levied against foreign cars, the Toyota Corolla is actually quite affordable by many Afghan drivers. The most sought-after models tend to be ones that are a few years old, although brand new models are also purchased by people in Afghanistan.
  • Practicality – there are obviously all sorts of cars in the world which range in a number of different shapes and sizes. The Toyota Corolla is the perfect small to medium-sized family car, as it offers good cabin and boot space, comfort and must-have features such as air conditioning.
  • Reliability – Japanese cars are pretty well-known for their reliability, especially if they are built by companies such as Toyota, who often go to extreme lengths to ensure that their vehicles are built to the highest quality standards.
  • Availability of spare parts – because a vast proportion of the cars on Afghan roads are Toyota Corollas, it is extremely easy to get spare parts. Many people tend to recycle parts from wrecked models, but there is also good availability of brand new parts too.
  • Good on gas – another reason why this car is so popular is because it offers a good mix of fuel economy and engine performance, which is essential when you are living and working in a country such as Afghanistan.

If you ever take a trip out to Afghanistan and wander around the city streets of Kabul, for example, you will notice that even the vast majority of the city’s yellow taxi cabs are Toyota Corollas! Up to 80% of the cars on Kabul’s busy and often congested streets are Toyota Corollas, according to Kabul’s traffic police chief, General Asadullah Khan.

Author biography – Bradley Taylor is a freelance writer who writes across a variety of subjects and particularly loves writing about everything automotive. He loves travelling and learning anything about everything. You can find him on Twitter and Google+.