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What positive changes did Covid-19 bring?

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

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Coronavirus has though posed some irrecoverable losses to the entire humanity and the world but has also caused some positive changes which were not noticeable before the pandemic.

The worldwide lockdown:

For the time being, more than 92% of the world population is under lockdown. The global curfew has stopped cars, planes and all sorts of industrial activities which have been causing air pollution and contributing to global warming. This stoppage has significantly decontaminated the weather worldwide. 

Pollution which every year kills more than seven million people across the globe has not only been diminished drastically but has also prevented the pandemic from spreading more. Recent researches indicate that air-pollution can double even triple the risk of Coronavirus by taking place in the particles and then moving them around the air. Thus, clean weather has most probably saved the lives of thousands of people around the world.

In India, people of Punjab state are able to see the peaks of Emalia Mountain for the first time after World War Two. The nation-wide lockdown there has made the weather perfectly cleaned that the peaks are visible from 200 kilometers away. India with its 1,3 billion population is experiencing the widest lockdown of the world. Trains have also been stopped for the first time in 167 years but no worry because more than 20,000 of the transportation means have been allocated to hospitals.

Seismologists have also been ecstatic around the world because the global lockdown has made the earth unprecedentedly calm and shakes too little. Earthquake experts, which usually operate in rural areas due to lack of noise, now can operate everywhere. Seismologists in Brussels assert that the earth is still shaking but not too much. They added that, now that the lockdown has made the earth less noisy and tranquil, they can find and measure even the smallest movement of the earth with ease.


Crude oil is now experiencing its lowest price ever. Oil in the US for instance now worth nothing. As per the analysts, oil producers will have to pay people to store their oil and the world will lack space for storing oil.

On one hand, the lethal disease has caused starvation on the other hand in some certain countries people have to waist their food. In America the restaurant owners say, they have enough amount of food which is going to be waste owing to the closure of their eateries. The dairy producers likewise spill more than fourteen million letters of milk every day. Egg producers and farmers are also worried about the abundant amount of stuff to be a waste. Germany and UK are running out of laborers to work on the fields. They asked hundreds of people from Romania and Poland in order to work on the forms.

COVID-19 which has left hundreds of thousands of people out of work around the world but Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon has earned more than $24 billion during the outbreak. The online-shopping company has also hired thousands of new employees to serve and overcome the rush. People are at home and have no other option but to shop online.


According to political elites, since China, as a nondemocratic country did well in containing the virus in comparison to the US, France, Italy and Spain, this may overshadow democratic systems of governance and the tendency towards nondemocratic political systems may arise in future. China and Russia as two biggest business and political rivals of the US, unexpectedly aided America in terms of medical gear which demonstrates that none of the countries is self-reliant in the world and needs aid by any means. The US as one of the business and political powers was expected to lift sanctions from Iran which was hardly affected by the pandemic but didn’t ease the embargo despite the requests from Iran and some other countries.

Ceasefire by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and the release of tens of thousands of prisoners across the world is another measure taken during the outbreak which has certainly changed and saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Insurgents worldwide quit the war and even began helping people during the outbreak but in Afghanistan, in spite of the requests from the Afghan government and international community, the Taliban are not willing to ceasefire.

Health and medical:

The virus will most probably save the people from another deadly misery, smocking. As per the recent researches, smocking raises the risk and threat of COVID-19 and can kill the cigarette addict sooner and easier than the patient who does not smoke. COVID-19 was also good news for thousands of wild animals after the United Nations declared the sale of these animals illegal. The UN took the step following the outcome of research which found wild animals to have been a core source of the pandemic.

In terms of vaccines, more than seventy countries, universities and medical institutions are working on an effective vaccine. Though the vaccine is not believed to be prepared as soon as a year or a year and a half, hopes sprang up after the US and UK conducted the first human trials of their vaccines.

In another step, Americans gave the Coronavirus affected patients tablets named Remdesivir which caused significant positive results. The measure has made hopes bigger for the entire world. In recent researches, scientists approved that UV (ultra-violet) rays can kill the virus in the air but said they need to provide proves to assert their claim. All the measures are taken by medical experts in terms of vaccine, tablets and finally the heat of summer, one can conclude that though the virus may not disappear soon but will probably decrease noticeably in terms of threat and fatality risk.

Looking at the high risk and rapid outbreak, the pandemic is yet to affect the entire world including Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and North Korea sixteen other countries have not recorded a single case of the virus. On the other hand, Balouris president said that his country will not record even a single victim of COVID-19.

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