Chief of Army Staff of the Taliban Fasihudin said that they will suppress all who defend the gains of the past two decades under the name of specific ethnic groups or resistance in Afghanistan.

Those who defend democracy in Afghanistan and oppose the Taliban will also be suppressed.

Though he did not directly name any group, he is probably meant the resistance front led by Ahmad Masoud in Panjshir province.

The front which was finally defeated by the Taliban after 15 days, was created by former vice-president Amrullah Saleh and son of the slain Ahmad Shah Masoud.

The chief of Army staff said these people are disturbing security and want bloodshed in Afghanistan.

Fasihudin who was talking to a gathering in Kabul on Wednesday, September 15 said that consultations over creating an Afghan national army are going on and will establish a potent army.

Fasihudin who is also known as the conqueror of the northern province of Afghanistan is one of the toughest military leaders of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.