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‘We support peace process but want peace with dignity’: Acting Minister of Defense

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The Acting Minister of Defense Asadullah Khalid has said that the Afghan national supports peace process but want peace with dignity and respect.

He made the remarks during a ceremony which was organized in Kabul for the repatriation of 53 hostages who were released during an operation of the Afghan armed forces in Zabul on Friday.

“The president of Afghanistan and the authorities of Mod congratulate your release. I want to let you know that we understand your pain, you went through a lot. We always try our best to help our soldiers, provide their needs and take care of wounded soldiers,” Khalid said.

Khalid further added “I want to tell the youth, we are proud of you, the enemy is scared of you, they are afraid of your operations. We are with you, we support you in every corner of the country.”

“Like today, you will bring success every day, you will defend the attacks of the enemy. If you keep working like this, we will achieve so many achievements,” he said, adding that “The peace process is ongoing, we support the peace process. But we want peace with dignity and respect.”

In other parts of his, Khalid called on Afghan armed forces to ignore the propaganda of the enemy. “Sometimes the enemy wants to eliminate the ANA. Sometimes they say we do not need military, we will never let our army to be eliminated.”

He also called on armed forces of the country to remain neutral in political affairs and ‘Let the politics to the politicians.’

Khalid also slammed Taliban for the announcement of spring offensive and said “Taliban announced the Alfatha operation, and then they speak about peace. Sometimes the enemy say we have night visions, sometimes the enemy say we have modern equipment. You should not listen to the enemy.”

However, he said “We are Muslim and we will defend our country, this is our job.”

The acting minister of defense also hailed the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission and the Commander of the alliance Gen. Scott Miller for their support to Afghan armed forces.

“They always help us, they helped us with this operation. Thanks for their support, thanks for the equipment they provide, thanks for all their support, I hope they will continue their support,” he added.

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