Representatives from the US, UK, NATO, Germany, Italy, France, and Norway have discussed Afghanistan’s situation in the Italian capital, Rome, and supported the latest bilateral get-together by the Afghan government and the Taliban delegations in Doha.

The countries in their discussion on Afghanistan said that they are closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

They have unanimously agreed upon 16 items which include support for the Afghan peace process, a call for an inclusive ceasefire, and five key elements for the future government of Afghanistan among others.

The communiqué reads that the Afghan conflict does not have a military solution and added that they do not support in government in Afghanistan imposed through military force.

 The two-day bilateral talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban were also praised and asked for continuation of talks as such.

The joint communiqué of the US, EU, and NATO outlined five key elements for the future government of Afghanistan in order to be supported by the international community.

The five elements include,

inclusive governance; the right to elect political leaders; protections for human rights, including rights of women, youth, and minorities; commitments on counter-terrorism, including to ensure that Afghanistan does not again serve as a safe haven for terrorists; and adherence to international law, including international humanitarian law.


  • Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.