The NATO leaders’ summit held in Brussels today, discussed Afghanistan issues as parts of its agenda including the financial support to Afghanistan security forces, training of the Afghan forces outside-country, the security of Hamid Karzai International airport, and supporting the Afghanistan peace process by the NATO alliance.

“We will step up dialogue on Afghanistan with relevant international and regional partners”, said in the summit declaration.

“We continue to support the ongoing Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process, and call on all stakeholders to help Afghanistan foster a lasting inclusive political settlement that puts an end to violence; safeguards the human rights of Afghans, particularly women, children, and minorities; upholds the rule of law, and ensures that Afghanistan never again serves as a safe haven for terrorists”, NATO has said.

NATO will also keep a political office in Afghanistan under the name of Senior Civilian Representative’s Office in Kabul to continue diplomatic engagements.

This comes the concerns among the general public in Afghanistan is increasing every day as the NATO and U.S forces withdrawal date is getting closer.

The security reports suggest an increase of violence throughout the country including the Taliban taking over more territories and an increase of crimes and assassinations inside large cities such as Kabul.


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