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Virtual protest, Afghan women defy all-black attire

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A number of Afghan women living abroad have posted their photos wearing traditional Afghan clothes to defy the all-black attire worn by hundreds of women in Kabul and other provinces recently.

They have been conducting sort of online protest to show the world what the exact traditional clothes and outfits of the Afghan women are.

in their photos, they are not wearing scarves but confess the scarf to be an integral part of the traditional Afghan clothes.

They claim that the all-black attire which covers the body from head to toe is rather alien and has never been donned by the people of Afghanistan.

Religious figures have also said that Islam has allowed women to show their hands and the face in public and has not directed covering the entire body.

Recently, a group of women wearing all-black attire took to the streets in Kabul and provinces to support the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and ask for their rights of education and work under the principles of Islam.

Afghan people and the virtual protestors did not criticize their slogans and demands though, they complain that they are showcasing a false image of the Afghan women to the world by wearing odd attires.

In the meantime, social media activists have also criticized the attire of an Afghan woman protesting against the Taliban in the US.

They say that her appearance does not showcase the real picture of Afghan women.

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