Afghan protesters during a demonstration in KabulAccording to reports dozens of protesters in northeastern Takhar province of Afghanistan on Saturday demonstrated against the local officials in this province.

The protest has reportedly turned into violence after the security guards of provincial governor opened fire on the protesters.

Local residents in Takhar province are claiming that the authorities have distributed weapons to the residents of Takhar province.

There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the clashes. In the meantime local public health officials confirmed at least 29 people were injured following the clashes.

A spokesman for the provincial security commandment Abdul Khalil Asir said the incident took place after the local residents supporting the provincial security chief started clashes with the protesters.

Mr. Asir further added at least 3 people were killed and around 30 others were injured.

The protest was organized by supporters of Mujahideen Council 5 days ago, and the demonstrators are urging the government of Afghanistan to dismiss the current local government officials.

Protesters have also urged that the Mujahideen Council should have active role and must be given share to the local governance in this province.