President Ashraf Ghani in the 46th regular session of the UN human rights council on Monday said that recent violence against Afghans is an indication of a systematic onslaught, he added that targeted killings are the is sharp edge directed towards the public and it indicates the profound transformation of the Afghan society the last two decades.

“The recent wave of violence against our people, civil and civic institutions, from human rights and civil society organizations to the media, judicial, civil service and security organizations to farmers and traders are indications of a systematic onslaught against our society,” Ghani said while addressing in the 46th session of UN human rights council.

The Afghan president said that the people of Afghanistan are committed and have the capability of conviction and can bravely demonstrate a sense of urgency in such situations.  

“Human rights, in general, and rights of citizens, women, girls, youth and social categories, in particular, are going to figure prominently in the peace negotiations,” Ghani added.

“Difficult choices will have to be made to move from being a battlefield of unrestricted warfare to a platform of an Asian roundabout and an international cooperation,” Ghani said.

According to President Ghani, the Afghan people and government are placing peace-making efforts within a framework of international and regional partnership around the aligned processes of peace-building, market-building, and state-building to reinforce our shared destiny as a unified nation.

The afghan public and its government are placing peace-building efforts within the framework of international and regional partnership, aligned with processes of market-building, state-building to reinforce the shared goal as a unified country.

This comes as UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, reiterated for a global ceasefire so the world can focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

He tweeted that a safe world will create space for diplomacy and enable humanitarian access to the rural parts of the earth.

“I renew my call for a global ceasefire to ease suffering, create space for diplomacy and enable humanitarian access – including for the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines worldwide,” he said.

He said, “The entire world is suffering from the sickness of violations of human rights. The pandemic recovery gives us an opportunity to change that”.

He added to his tweets that “Racism and racial inequality still permeate institutions, social structures, and everyday life. We must do more than merely condemn expressions and acts of racism. We must dig deeper. And we must act”.

This comes as the seven economic power G-7 pledged to immunize developing countries against the virus and increased its funding aids to $7.5 billion to UN-backed COVID19 efforts.


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