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Increased violence affects Afghan women

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The on-going violence in Afghanistan has severely affected thousands of Afghans across the country, including Afghan men and women and Afghan youths.

Frishta who used a single name for her is one of the victims of terrorism and violence in Afghanistan who lives in northern Baghlan province.

She became the victim of insurgency after her husband was arrested by Afghan security forces in connection of deadly suicide bomb attacks in this province during the first and second days of Eid-ul-Azha.

Frishta is around 20 year old Afghan woman who just got married 3 days ahead of the incident.

She said, my ambition was to have a fortunate and blessed life and assist my family but unfortunately I have not been able to live in a good condition of life.

Frishta is currently living with the family of her husband in a remote area at old Baghlan district where she was met by a number of local journalists in a bid to find out her living conditions.

At least 7 people including a local commander was killed and 17 others were injured during the suicide bomb explosions in the first and second day of the Eid-ul-Azha. The main organizer of the suicide bombings Mullah Noor Mohamad who is a member of the terrorist group “Jindullah” was detained by Afghan security forces.

At least 7 other suspects including Qari Amir Mohammad husband of Farishta, who were behind the incident were introduced by Mullah Noor Mohammad and were detained by Afghan security forces.

Frishta said her husband was the only person who was earning to feed their family and was mislead by the insurgents groups. She said they are facing various issues after her husband was detained in connection to the incident.

“We are facing various issues, Qari was the only person in the family he lost his father when he was a kid and has 2 married and 2 engaged sisters and her mother is very weak”, Frishta said.

Frishta is currently teaching in a school at old Baghlan district and was recently graduated from school after completing her high school studies.

According to her she faced various other issues during her childhood after she lost her father while she was only 7 years old.

“I was living with my mother in the past and I have a young brother who is working in a auto workshop. I was only 7 years old when I lost my father, and we faced various issues including poverty after the death of our father. I was teaching in a school and was hardly earning for my family.”, she said.

Frishta has two other younger sisters who are school students.

She urged the militants groups to stop violence and use of the Afghan youths to carry out insurgency activities.

Frishta also requested to Afghan government to forgive her husband and make her free from the prison.

Police chief for district # 6 in old Baghlan city confirmed that Frishta’s husband was involved behind the two deadly suicide bomb blasts during the first and second days of Eid-ul-Azha in this province.

Qari Amir had prepared the suicide vests along with his colleagues in his own house and had sent the suicide bombers to Hasantal village where the they carried out the suicide bombing, police chief for district # 6 in old Baghlan city said.

He also said, at least 5 kgs of explosives along with the other bomb making materials were discovered and seized from the house of Qari Amir Mohammad.

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