According to local security officials in southern Helmand province, at least 2 people were killed and 6 others were injured following a roadside bomb explosion in this province.

The officials further added, the incident took place after a civilian vehicle struck a roadside bomb at Safar area in Garamser district, killing at least 2 Afghan kids and injuring 6 others.

Local security officials also said, the civilians killed and injured during the explosion were on their way to attend a religious ceremony.

In the meantime provincial governor Gulab Mangal said the insurgent who had planted mine was later detained by local residents and cut off his ears before Afghan police forces arrive to the area.

The local residents also prevented to hand over the individual to the Afghan security forces, provincial governor media said following a statement.

The source further added, local residnets told Afghan security forces that the individual will be tried and punished by them.

However provincal governor Gulal Mangal said they are trying to free the militant from the local residents and introduce him to judiciary departmen.

This comes as 2 other insurgents were stoned to death by local residents after they killed an elder Afghan man on espionage charges.