dostum-in-charge-of-kunduz-operationsThe First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum has taken charge of the operations in the northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan hours after the Taliban militants launched a coordinated attack on the strategic Kunduz city.

Gen. Dostum organized a meeting in the Command and Control Center of the Ministry of Defense on Monday evening as Taliban intensified attacks on the city, the Office of the First Vice President said in a statement.

The meeting also focused on other provinces under the Taliban threat including the southern Helmand province and Uruzgan province.

Officials in ARG Palace have also confirmed that Gen. Dostum is the Command and Control Center of the Ministry of Defense to coordinate operations with deputy chief of staff of Afghan army General Murad Ali Murad who is Kunduz province.

In the meantime, the officials in the Ministry of Interior have confirmed that several key districts in Kunduz city have been cleared of the militants presence.

The cleared areas include the first police district, second and third police districts of the city as heavy casualties have been incurred to the Taliban insurgents, a source in the ministry said.

The source further added that the operations are currently being implemented in Zakhil, Ali Khel, Bagh Sherkat, Charkhab, and Alchin districts.


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