Afghanistan’s two neighbors Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to hold a joint drill along with Russia close to the Afghan border next month.

The move from the neighboring countries of Afghanistan comes after the security situation deteriorated in Afghanistan particularly in the north of the country and the Taliban took control over districts close to its neighbors.

A report of Russia’s Central Military District states that the drill will be held at the Kharb-Maidon training field which is 20 km from the border with Afghanistan.

The maneuvers will be attended by 1,500 troops from the three countries and will get together on August 5 for the 5-day training.

The statement further adds that the drill will be focused on tactical measures, reconnaissance/fire, and reconnaissance/strike to thwart an invasion by outlawed armed groups and eliminate them.

Earlier, the Tajik government had said the country will assess Afghan refugees entering the country and will remain cautious to prevent the supporters of armed groups seek refuge in Tajikistan.

The northern neighbor of Afghanistan-Tajikistan- is concerned ever since the Taliban took key districts in Badakhshan province and got closer to the country.

The Taliban though repeatedly said that no country will be threatened by them, Tajikistan deployed new troops to its border with Afghanistan and now tends to hold drills with Russia and Uzbekistan.