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Uzbek leader ‘Dostum’ critisizes Hazar leader ‘Khalili’ for his secret ties with Pakistan

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Abdul Rashid Dostum, political figure and leader of Uzbek community in Afghanistan accuses Mohammad Karim Khalili, a Hazara leader for having secret ties with Pakistan.

In an online meeting among the anti-Taliban figures, Abdul Rashid Dostum criticized the absence of Mohammad Karim Khalili in the meeting and accused him for having secret ties with Pakistan.

Mohammad Karim Khalili has received money from Pakistan to stay ‘silent’ against the Taliban, Abdul Rashid Dostum said in the meeting which was held on the death anniversary of former Afghan President, Burhanuddin Rabbani.

Mohammad Karim Khalili has shown reactions to Dostum’s statement and has asked the Uzbek leader to apologize for his words.

Khalili has written on his Facebook page that his political party believes that war and violence is not the solution of Afghanistan’s crisis and the country needs to switch from a centralized system to a fully decentralized administration system through negotiations.

This comes as the majority of political figures in Afghanistan are living outside after the intra-Afghan peace negotiations failed and the country fell in the hands of Taliban last August.

The world did not recognize the Taliban’s government which was taken by force and asked the Taliban to form an inclusive administration having all other ethnic and religious groups in the circle, but the Taliban has not showed any positive intention to include others in the government.

The political parties and figures who are not included in the Taliban’s administration and the majority of them live outside Afghanistan are trying to form an anti-Taliban alliance with the presence of the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud, the son of the former Jihadi leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.

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