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USAID warns over 17 million in Afghanistan need immediate aid


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has reported that the expulsion of migrants from Pakistan and recent floods have increased the need for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, with over 17 million people requiring immediate assistance.

In a report published on Saturday, June 15, USAID expressed hope that food security in Afghanistan might improve following the harvest in June.

According to USAID statistics, from September 15, 2023, to the present, 610,800 migrants have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan “forcibly and voluntarily.”

The agency stated that recent floods and droughts have also placed many families in difficult situations, with 23.7 million people in Afghanistan in need of humanitarian aid.

The report highlighted that various aid organizations have assisted 43,000 people in flood-affected areas and provided healthcare to over 56,000 individuals.

USAID data indicates that 225 people have died due to recent floods in Afghanistan, and emergency aid to the affected continues.

The agency also noted that flood victims in Afghanistan require food, shelter, and water.

Previously, the World Food Programme had stated that $650 million is needed to continue humanitarian aid in Afghanistan for the next six months.



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