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US vigilant about global ‘terrorist’ threats, ANDSF kills al-Qaeda affiliates fighting along Taliban

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President Biden during the 10th anniversary of a secrete operation that killed Osama bin Laden said the United States will remain sharp-eyed about terrorist threats that have spread like cancer around the globe.  

“As we bring to an end America’s longest war and draw down the last of our troops from Afghanistan, al Qaeda is greatly degraded there.

“But the United States will remain vigilant about the threat from terrorist groups that have metastasized around the world. We will continue to monitor and disrupt any threat to us that emerges from Afghanistan”, Biden said.

Biden stressed that 10 years ago, he joined President Obama and US national security members to see the US military delivering “long-awaited justice to Osama bin Laden.

“It is a moment I will never forget—the intelligence professionals who had painstakingly tracked him down; the clarity and conviction of President Obama in making the call; the courage and skill of our team on the ground,” President Biden expressed.

“It had been almost ten years since our nation was attacked on 9/11 and we went to war in Afghanistan, pursuing al Qaeda and its leaders. We followed bin Laden to the gates of hell and we got him. We kept the promise to all those who lost loved ones on 9/11”, Biden said.

According to President Biden United States “would never forget those we had lost, and that the United States will never waver in our commitment to prevent another attack on our homeland and to keep the American people safe,” the US President noted.

This comes as NDS chief Ahmad Zia Saraj last week said that Taliban and al-Qaeda are not separate ideologies, it is like they have intermarried within their families.

According to the Afghan government al-Qaeda has not completely destroyed in Afghanistan, and the militant group while in collaboration with the Taliban still poses threat to the country.

But the Taliban has continuously denied the allegations made by the Afghan government.

Reports indicate that the Taliban does not own al-Qaeda and that the claims of the complete elimination of the militant group are just hoaxes.

Rahmatullah Andar, Spokesman for Afghan National Security Council told the media that although the Taliban agreed on severing ties with al-Qaeda during the Doha agreement.

He claimed al-Qaeda and other “terrorist” groups still fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan and that this has become a challenge for peace efforts.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense in a released statement on Monday says that two Pakistani members of the al-Qaeda network in the Indian subcontinent along with nine Taliban insurgents were killed during an operation conducted by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in southern Helmand province.

ANDSF launched the operation close to 1st and 601 highways in Nahre-Saraj district of Helmand province.

Despite claims of severing ties, these al-Qaeda members were killed along the Taliban fighters during the battle.

Moreover, security forces have killed seven Taliban militants and destroyed a number of weapons belonging to the group in the Qarabagh district of Ghazni province.

MoD also reported inflicting casualties on the Taliban in the Imam Saheb district of Kunduz province, in an operation ANDSF targeted a Taliban gathering in Boz-Bai and Naseri-Bai areas of the district in which four Taliban including their commander were killed and further seven others were injured.

The raged violent situations across Afghanistan have made the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah call for political leadership unity in peace talks and negotiations with the Taliban or the risks of war will become more bitter as NATO and US troops prepare to pull out of Afghanistan.

Abdullah Abdullah also said the position of the Taliban in regards to political settlement has always been ambiguous, and the group remains non-committal about peace talks and negotiations.

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