January 19, 2018

US unable to defend Afghanistan against Pakistan shelling

By Sajad - Thu Oct 04 2012, 1:07 pm

Afghan president Hamid Karzai on Thursday said Washington is not prepared to defend Afghanistan against the Pakistani military shelling despite the two countries have signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement.

Karzai on Thursday confirmed cross-border shelling by Pakistani military during a press conference on Thursday however he said Afghanistan will not retaliate to the incursion.

He said the issue was shared through diplomatic efforts in UN Security Council, UN General Assembly session and during meetings with the Pakistani and US officials.

President Karzai said, “US has clearly denied to defend Afghanistan and even their military officials deny the statistics provided by Afghan officials regarding the Pakistan shelling. They said that the reports were not correct which were reported by Medias and Afghan security institutions.”

In the meantime Afghan lawmakers criticized president Karzai’s stance towards cross-border shelling by Pakistan.

Meanwhile local tribal elders in Nangarhar province agreed to retaliate Pakistan’s cross-border shelling if it continued in this province.

However president Hamid Karzai denied retaliatory act by Afghanistan and said, “Pakistan is shelling our villages but we will never take such an action to attack the villages and house on the other side the border. We believe the villages and houses on the other side of the border are like our own people.”

On the other hand Afghan president Hamid Karzai did not deny to attack those points from where Afghanistan is being shelled and said, “Afghanistan is fighting with the forces and not with the ordinary people. Afghanistan is ready to take every steps to fight in case war was declared among the forces of the two countries.”

He also said based on the strategic pact signed between the two nations US is obliged to defend Afghanistan against any invasion until Afghan forces are not prepared to defend themselves.

However he said US officials are not even prepared to accept the cross-border shelling by Pakistan and they are not prepared to respond to those points from where Afghanistan is being shelled.

He said Afghanistan has clear demands from United States to equip Afghan forces with fighter and transport aircrafts but US has not responded to their demands yet.

Karzai said, “If US and NATO does not want to equip Afghan forces then should Afghanistan wait for it or Afghanistan should take steps to purchase its required equipments from Russia, China, India or elsewhere?”

He said, “We are going to decide in this regard to purchase the required equipments for the Afghan security forces if United States is unable to do so.”

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