February 08, 2018

US troops may remains in Afghanistan beyond 2014

By Sajad - Fri Nov 16 2012, 6:32 pm

Gen. Joseph Dunford who has been nominated to as US commander for Afghanistan predicts that a number of US troops and equipments will remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

He is expected to take command of the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan after receiving cofidence vote from US congress.

This is the first time a US official is speaking regarding the presence of US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 when majority of the NATO troops will leave the country.

In the meantime Us combat troops are due to leave Afghanistan until the end of 2014 based on the withdrawal program announced by president Barack Obama.

Gen. Dunford speaking in the US congress on Thursday emphasized on the presence of US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 however he did not disclose the exact number of the troops that will remain in Afghanistan but said that military equipments like helicopters will also be needed.

He also insisted to accelerate US troops presence and security agreement talks with the Afghan government since similar talks were started late in Iraq.

Talks over security agreement between Afghan and Us officials started on Thursday in capital Kabul.

Afghan ambassador to United States and deputy special envoy for president Barack Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan started the negotations.

The talks are expected to continue for at least one year which will pave the way for military cooperation between the two nations.

Security pact between Kabul and Washington is one of the main parts of the long term strategic cooperation agreement which was signed by president Barack Obama and president Karzai earlier this year.

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